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Together for over 21 years, Zach Batson and Sierra Cortes have navigated many ups and downs together. They have overcome addictions, infidelity, parenting traumas, while quite literally growing up together having met when they were young teenagers. While trying all the tips, tricks, books, counseling and even getting certified in other relationship coaching modalities they realized something…

With over 100,000 hits on Amazon trying to help relationships, not one actually identified what a relationship was. Millions of people seeking to fix something without knowing what that something is!? Zach and Sierra found that THIS (not knowing what a relationship was) was a big problem and some couples were in worse shape after engaging in some of these other materials, left feeling helpless, or exiting their relationships all together in break-ups and divorces.

In 2015 they started exploring and engaging with couples in a new way and partnered with Relationship By Design (RBD) and started Be Intact. Now they lead with the RBD framework which opens up a new paradigm in relationship - instead of trying to fix, change and constantly problem solve in relationships they now guide couples in exploring and uncovering what a relationship actually is, providing the peace, enjoyment and ease they were looking for all along.

With their degrees in psychology, biology, communication and conflict mediation, and with more that 15 years of coaching experience they now lead workshops and have over 1000+ coaching hours with couples and singles.

“It would be selfish to keep it all to ourselves. We are excited you are here to grow and experience extraordinary relationship!”


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Sierra Cortes & Zachary Batson

Your workshop leaders and relationship coaches

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Want a quick shot in the arm for your relationship? Download these guides, resources and books to start your journey.

These resources are great for individuals and couples to gain new insight for a struggling relationship or revitalize your current ones.

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Be Intact lead workshops utilizing the Relationship By Design Coaching LLC (RBD) Framework. RBD is an expression of more than 20 years of work with people in identifying the nature and design of everyday ordinary relationships and creating extraordinary relationships. These workshops are a radical departure from the familiar paths of fixing, tolerating and exiting relationships.

This two-part workshop is delivered through a selection of ways for singles, couples and individuals attending alone. The in-person workshops are the most popular, along with private coaching and retreats.

After your workshop, join us at a vacation retreat. These workshops are about transforming common, everyday issues in relationships - e.g. money, intimacy, fear, love, family, priorities, etc. - into experiences of Extraordinary Relationship.

Themes, topics and locations change each retreat. No two retreats are the same!

Make an impact - explore, create, and flourish in your relationships!

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The Be Intact Podcast

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