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Stop the tips and tricks to enhance your relationships...

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It’s time to get real

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Workshops & Coaching

Through workshops, coaching and retreats - we help people dissolve issues, upsets and what is plaguing their experience of extraordinary relationships. We value small cohort formats so our clients can have a personalized and meaningful experience.

For Singles, Individuals & Couples

Events and workshops can be attended alone, or with someone you are in a relationship with that you care about - such as family, spouse, friends and co-workers. Relationship is the game, and we all have some.

The Unique Framework

The core of Be Intact, LLC, our coaching, workshops and services starts with the Relationship By Design framework. We start at the basis of relationship before trying to work on, grow or fix them, distinguished from counseling or therapy,


what people say

“Zach and Sierra facilitate a transformative experience that expands possibilities in every relationship. I loved the opportunity to expand my perspective and gain a new awareness that can help me BE in alignment of what I wish to create in my life.”

-Elayna F.

“People go to therapy to fix something, but this body of work offers a place to go beyond that and helps invent extraordinary relationships. This work has given me peace and freedom! A willingness to share myself to my friends and family and also to the people I meet for the first time.”

-Jill R. MF MFT

“Peace and freedom is the short answer, but I gained many many things. You will experience things you didn't know you needed. Then, wonder how you got so far without it.”

-Seth H.

“Most relationship work I’ve done to date was past focused. This was not. It was about understanding what a relationship is and how ordinary my experience is with relationships. I learned more about relationships than I did over the last 20 years in therapy and counseling.”

-Josh P.

“I loved that Zach & Sierra guided us, but we created the content. This is a completely new and unique way to look at relationships, not what I expected, and that's a good thing! Go in with an open mind and you will not be disappointed. What stood out were ... taking typically sensitive topics that could spiral and making them "light" and more real to discuss.”

-Chris & Nicole

“Our relationship was dramatically transformed when we completed the workshop, not only did we grow closer and gain a capacity to more closely see each other's point of view, we gained tools that we use whenever we have conflict that make resolution easy and painless.”

-Jen S. PhD, CFLE

Make an impact - explore, create, and flourish in your relationships!

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The Be Intact Podcast

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